Interim | Program Management | Consulting

Thirteen years of working in operational leadership positions in complex logistics have given me broad experience in leading and transforming teams and organisations of all kinds and shapes, in all sorts of circumstances.

DOD ignited in the beginning of 2022. DOD is the abbreviation of Daadkracht op Duurzaamheid, which translate freely to Decisive Action on Sustainability.

I aspire to be the experienced professional that C-level clients call to guide them – with a structured, human-centric and decisive approach – in realising audacious goals aimed at a more sustainable future for next generations.

What makes me distinguishable from others in the field is how I approach the work I have been given:

  • Using analytical and conceptual skills, I can quickly give structure to chaotic, complex and ambiguous situations.
  • Handing structure that fits purpose and the people involved, I give them clarity into their own role and responsibility in the work that needs to be done. In doing so, people feel responsible and show confidence to act in their role.
  • By organizing decision-making processes based on consent, I make sure that progress is created or maintained – with all stakeholders on board.

The problem space in which I can make a positive difference, is when an organisation

  • Has difficulty coping with the complexity and volatility of itself and the world surrounding it and finds itself incapable of achieving its goals.
  • Fails or wishes to unlock the full potential of its people
  • Needs or wishes to integrate sustainability more into the veins of the organisation